Since 1995, our organisation has been specializing in Homestays , we organize in advance your stay with families that have been carefully selected on specific criteria of readiness, friendliness and open mindedness.

They are couples or single mothers, still working but whose children are no longer home. They usually have one to three bedrooms available for students, which makes it possible for several students to stay together with one single family. All our families are well educated and culture oriented.

As a general rule they are 3,4 or 5 room flats, some are high standard apartments indeed but it is essentially for their readiness and hospitality that we select the host families; Most flats are located in central and residential areas of the city. We visit personally each and every one of the families we select therefore we do not produce photographs of their flats.

This option doesn’t include any meal included by the family. Therefore, the kitchen is available but the access is limited. It is usually an arrangement with your host for the use of the kitchen and the hours decided for your meals.
The use of the kitchen is only for light cooking and heating dishes with micro waves.
The use of the oven is an arrangement with the family.
No stockage of food in your room .

It is an option for two friends ( of the same gender) staying during the same period of time. It is also appropriate in the case of groups where members know one another and where two people agree to share room. The double rooms that are on offer are rather large and comfortable with two separate beds.

Our organisation’s working line is that we organize your stay in advance and that you go directly to the family’s we selected especially for you.

Only if agreed by your host.

Transports to and from your Homestay is to your expense. There are shuttles at the airport, there are taxis and underground links. If you wish a transfer from the airport to your homestay, please contact our office to have all the information on connections and prices.

Your hosts will propose you to make your laundry once a week as a minimum, more often possibly if you agree with them. If more than 2 students in the flat, your host might ask you to go to the launderette.You are certainly not expected to do the housekeeping, but you are expected to keep your room tidy and clean.

For the option Bed & Breakfast.
Self served Breakfast supplied by your host.
Evening Limited access to the kitchen.
Light cooking.
No access to the kitchen during the day.For the options BB + 3 or 5 dinners.
Self served Breakfast supplied by your host.
Evening meal prepared by and shared with the host.
Any meals not shared with your host is not refundable.
No access to the kitchen during the day.For the option Room Only
Kitchen access is limited. It will be decided by your host.
Only light cooking.

Not only is a homestay in Paris an unequalled experience of the city, of its housing practices and food habits, but it is a unique opportunity to have an insight of the French way of life. Your hosts welcome you to their daily life, in return, you must be respectful and honest, it is not a hotel or a catering service by any means, you are a guest to open minded people in a friendly home where cultural exchange is the rule.

  • The online registration form must be filled.
  • You have to read the Terms and Conditions and the Housing Guidelines.
  • The secured payment form must be filled and the 80€ fee paid, to validate registration.
  • The homestay address in Paris is given by our services.
  • The final payment is made before arrival to confirm definitively your reservation.

The credit card number must be indicated on the payment form to validate the registration. In case of cancellation, the 80 € will not be refunded.Total payment for the stay can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment on arrival is accepted in specific cases related to registration and arrival dates. However the payment procedure remains unchanged as follows:Up to 6 weeks stays, total payment is due before arrival by credit card or bank transfer.
According to the selected option, monthly installments are accepted by credit card or bank transfer due to FAC upon invoice and receipt. In order to know your bank details you may contact us by e.mail: contact@fac-paris.com. Or by telephone at +33 1 45 00 45 51
To confirm your registration, your credit card number is required. In case of cancellation, registration fee will not be refunded.

We recommend to register three weeks in advance for a maximum efficiency of our services. However we can accept registration forms up to one week before arrival in Paris.

The time necessary for our services to find a host family depends on your registration and arrival dates, but in any cases we make this time period as short as possible with the absolute guarantee on our part concerning the family.

We do select the homestays according to your place of study , no more than 20 minutes away as a general rule, and, in addition, Parisian transports are easy and fast.

If you decide to move from your homestay to another type of accommodation, you must give your host family and France Accommodation, a two weeks advance notice.If you wish to move because you are unsatisfied, let us know as soon as possible in the first two weeks of your stay, and we shall provide another host family with no extra charge.

The family reserves the right to evict the guest student in case of serious problem. Similarily FAC is entitled to decide not to provide another accommodation to the guest student concerned.

Some students cannot leave their country unless they can give a host family address in a very short time. To that effect, France Accommodation has the capacity to provide an accommodation certificate stating that you will be accommodated through our services – the certificate being e mailed on headed paper and signed by our manager. However the condition required for such a certificate to be issued is that a minimum one month stay has been paid for.
If visa is not obtained, please send us the official documents in order to an eventual refund, the registration fee will not.

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