The last thing you want to worry about is your Accommodation when you will be staying in Paris, but still very important on the choice and selection.

Homestay is certainly the best housing option for foreign participants who wish to learn about French culture, a day to day living , practicing your French in a non structured environment , aside from your French language lessons.

By working with hundreds of Paris hosts, we are able to provide a beneficial and higher quality homestay experience for each participant.

Your comfort and experience are our number one priority. FAC takes great care to ensure you :

  • Carefully screened, qualified and culturally aware hosts.
  • Security, safe environment in happy and comfortable homes in central Paris and residential areas., at walking distance from Metro and bus.
  • To match your requirements as closely as possible with a suitable host, type of family, area, closed to your school.
  • A choice of accommodation options suitable with your daily schedule, duration of stay and budget.


Our host network represents the diversity of metropolitan Paris and includes different kind of hosts to best suit your needs.

Some of our families can receive from 1 to 3 students, according to their vacant rooms, making your stay often more pleasant , convivial and fun.

For most of them, they have a considerable experience in hosting students all throughout the year and for many years.

The families recruited come from an excellent social and cultural background.

They are between 50-60 age, still working, single woman, couples, retires with or without teenagers, adults or other students.


The flat’s hosts are generally 3-4 or more rooms of a very good standing , in central Paris, close to metro stations and buses.

You will have your own individual room into the host’s flat , sometimes outside but on the same floor. It will be equipped of a single or double bed, wardrobe and desk.

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